Raw Meat Pet Food in Perth

Keep your dog healthy with a raw dog food diet

Are you concerned about your pets’ diets and the long-term effects of feeding them processed and laboratory formulated dry food? Pets Meat Suppliers offers a wide range of raw meat for dogs. Given the fact that canine ancestors ate raw meat as part of their daily diets, it stands to reason that our dogs will benefit from what their bodies are naturally accustomed to.

We offer an extensive range of raw dog food at our Mt Hawthorn-based store where you can pop in and chat to our team about your dog and their requirements. Educated and experienced, our staff is knowledgeable about each of our product offerings and the benefits they offer your furry friends.
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Chunky Lean Meat

For those pets that do not like Kangaroo, try this protein! A lean mixture of Beef, Horse, Lamb and a touch of Kangaroo Meat. Ideal

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Chicken Mince

Give your dog a natural supplement of calcium with our Chicken Mince. Contains crushed Chicken Frames. $3.10 a kilo. SAVE ON BULK PURCHASES. $40.00 14

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Kennel Mince

A mixture of red meats with added offal. Contains no bones. Excellent choice for breeders and kennels. $5.95 a kilo. SAVE ON BULK PURCHASES. $69.95

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When we say “natural”,
we mean 100% – with no
preservatives or additives