Pet Food Supplies in Perth

For the best pet food supplies for your puppy and adult dogs

As pet food suppliers in Perth, we know the importance of providing nutritious food for your cats and dogs, each of which are unique in their biological makeup and anatomy. We stock a wide selection of raw foods for dogs, including reputable brands such as Advance cat and dog food, all designed to provide a balanced, healthy diet for your pets, ensuring their good health.As stockists of reputable brands, we are extremely selective of the products we sell, which means you can rest assured that your pet is getting the best in nutrition. All our dry and raw food products are filled with vitamins and minerals and have no additives or preservatives.
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DOG GROUP Duck Turkey


WITH VEGETABLES & COCONUT OIL Our Duck & Turkey grain free, hypoallergenic holistic formula is a staple choice. No artificial preservatives or colours and using

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DOG GROUP Turkey Lamb Lite


WITH VEGETABLES & COCONUT OIL Our low calorie content formula is the perfect choice for those pets who have been treated a little to often

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DOG GROUP Kangaroo Lamb


WITH VEGETABLES & COCONUT OIL Our Kangaroo & Lamb holistic formula is the gold standard in pet care. No artificial preservatives or colours and using

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PUPPY GROUP Turkey Salmon Sardine


WITH VEGETABLES & COCONUT OIL Growing dogs require Omega 3,6 & 9 for brain function and cardiovascular health. Quality proteins contribute to healthy teeth, nails,

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PUPPY GROUP Turkey Chicken


WITH VEGETABLES & COCONUT OIL An excellent choice for growing puppies boasting high protein and low fat properties. Natural ingredients boosts immunity and acts as

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When we say “natural”,
we mean 100% – with no
preservatives or additives